Blue Moon Suzuki Manji   Key Of A, Black Covers, Aluminum Comb


Blue Moon Suzuki Manji   Key Of A, Black Covers, Aluminum Comb

Blue Moon Suzuki Manji

Key of: A

Covers: Powder Coated Black

Comb:  CNC Milled Aluminum - Anodized Blue

The Suzuki
Manji is a stunning 10-hole diatonic harmonica constructed with stainless steel
covers.  The reed plates feature phosphor
bronze reeds that are laser aligned and welded to the plate rather than riveted
like essentially all other harmonicas. 
This technology enables Suzuki to manufacture Manjis with extreme
precision and very tight tolerances.  Suzuki claims that the Manji reed plates have
the closest tolerance of any harmonica on the market. The result is a harmonica
that has a bright, crisp tone and is very responsive.  The Manji has gained a reputation as one of
the finest “Out-of-the-Box” harmonicas available. 


particular Blue Moon Manji features a custom Blue Anodized Aluminum comb and Gloss Black Powder Coated covers.  The draw plate has been flat
sanded and the tuning has been checked. 
A flat sanded draw plate married to a flat custom comb creates a
harmonica that is airtight and very responsive. 
In addition, the gaps have been adjusted for easier bending.  If you are an overblow player, Manjis are
known for being great overblow harps.  If
you are an aspiring overblow player, you need a quality instrument to be able
to overblow and overdraw.  A Custom Blue
Moon Manji is a good place to start.


About Blue Moon Harmonicas

Blue Moon Harmonicas is one of the premier sources for
custom combs in the harmonica world today. 
Our goal is to produce high quality products at reasonable prices,
deliver them quickly and provide exception customer service.  We stand behind everything we offer with a
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We
manufacture combs using several different materials including Wood, Acrylic,
Aluminum, Dupont® Corian™, Brass, Fancy Acrylic* and Hogany**.   The majority of our combs are CNC milled
with the lone exception being our Acrylic Combs which are CNC laser cut.

Powder Coated Covers

We also offer Powder Coated Cover Plates.  Powder Coating is a
process of applying a dry powder to electrostatically charged metal.  The
metal is then cured under heat to allow the powder to flow and form a
skin.  The resulting finish is harder and tougher than conventional paint.  We offer Powder Coated Covers in 8 to 10
different colors (depending on the model). 
The covers in combination with the wide variety of combs we offer lets
you create one-of-a-kind harmonicas that not only play great but are beautiful
as well.  We maintain an
ample inventory of combs and covers at all times enabling us to ship your order

We cater to the Do-it-Yourself crowd who wants quality
components with which to upgrade their harmonicas.  And we also offer new harmonicas for those of
you are looking for something a cut above an Out of the Box harmonica.  Blue Moon Harmonicas is an authorized Suzuki
Harmonica Distributor and can purchase Hohner Harmonicas at wholesale prices.

Where does Blue Moon fit into the
harmonica landscape?

the harmonica world you have “Out of the Box” (OOTB) harmonicas on one end of
the spectrum and full blown Custom Harmonicas at the other end.  Even though the quality of OOTB harps has
improved in recent years it still very possible to buy a brand new harmonica
that does not play as well as we would like. 
On the other hand, you can easily spend $200 or more on a custom harmonica
and would likely have to wait six months to receive it.  This is not a knock on custom
harmonicas.  The skilled craftsmen who
create custom harps deserve every penny they charge.  I have nothing but respect for them.  But the question is do you really need a
custom harp?  Do you really want to spend
$200 on a harp and wait six months to receive it?  Pareto’s Law – better known as the 80/20 Rule
states that eighty percent of the effects come from twenty percent of the
causes.  There are few simple things you
can do to an OOTB harmonica that will make a big difference in the way it
plays.  That’s what we offer – good
playing harps that play way better than an OOTB harp but we make no claims that
it is true custom harp.  But it won’t
cost $200 and you can have it in about a week. 
Blue Moon lives in the 80% improvement that comes from using quality
components and a little know-how. 
Customizers live in the space that requires years of experience and a
specialized skill set to squeeze the last 20% out of a harp.   We believe that the vast majority of
harmonica players live in the 80% too.  What you will get from
Blue Moon is a harp that will enable you to express your musical talent without
being held back by your instrument.

* Fancy Acrylic is a very colorful material that is
used to make custom writing pens.  We
spotted this material in a Woodcraft Store and thought they would be great for
combs.   We were right!

** Hogany is a proprietary multi-part resin material
engineered to resemble the reddish brown grain of Mahogany Wood.  It is used to make knife handles and pistol
grips and it makes beautiful harmonica combs too.

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